Saturday, October 23, 2010

A God Ordained Appointment with Matthew

I had four different events to attend today and by gingos I did it. But I must tell you I had one event unplanned by me, but ordained by our precious Lord. I love it when it happens.....joining God where He is working.
I went to a baby shower this morning and on to an art festival on Jonestown Rd. I never go to the grocery store over that way but decided to run by Harris Teeter on Country Club because of the meat specials of the week and because I needed Cocoa for my cake.
When I parked I noticed that some guys were outside both entrances into the store raising funds for something. I started in the left side of the store but went towards the right side, hoping not to get caught up in whatever they were selling but guess what..... God had other plans and I noticed a young man standing by a sign speaking about a drug and alcohol rehabilitation house. I decided okay, I think I need to stop and speak to him. He explained that he was in the program and shared how God had changed his life. You know I was all into that so I started telling him about my journey with our son Rob who was addicted to drugs in his past.
About that time the phone rang and it was my son saying that I had called him with my phone and all he heard was me talking to someone. You see, I do that often. I usually accidently call Rob or our daughter Melissa and they are quite use to it. Don't ask me why I dial them but I must accidently hit my phone and it automatically dials them. When he called me back I told him I was just talking about him to Matt and he wanted to talk to him so they shared with each other and Matt asked Rob to pray for him.
I went in to do my shopping and came back out to talk to Matt. I had stuck some cards in my purse this morning showing people how they could order my book, Where was the Prodigals Mother? I reached in and gave him one in case his mother wanted to read it. He started crying and gave me her address and wanting me to call her. He said he was so concerned for her and that God had brought me his way today.
As I was talking to him my eyes went to the sidewalk and there is where I saw the image you see at the beginning of this article. What does it look like to you?
Now I started thinking of all the ways the Lord orchestrated my path today:

1. He prompted me to put the cards in my purse this morning (just so I could hand one to Matt).
2. He took me to Peter's Creek Parkway for a shower, had me invited to an Art Festival all the way back over to Jonestown.
3. Had me forget to get Cocoa for my cake yesterday while at the store just so I would go over to the grocery store near by Jonestown on the way home to get some.
4. Sent me over to the right side of the entrance to meet Matt.
5. Had me ACCIDENTILY dial my son on the phone so he could talk to Matt.
6. Then drew my attention to the dove on the sidewalk as confirmation of His presence in the whole event.
My God is a mighty, awesome God. It reminds me of the time He had me go over across the waters to minister to a mother in another country who was so broken hearted about her son in prison. I pray I will always be willing to go across country or across town at His direction. Nothing is an accident now is it? Is He a personal God who is interested in every detail of our lives or what!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who could doubt Him? He delights me each and every day. I love Him so, and I pray you do too!

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  1. AWESOME!!! The whole experience gives me goosebumps because God was orchestrating every detail! Just AWESOME!!! Love you, Mel