Sunday, February 21, 2010

Fortieth Anniversary

Jimmy and I were away from Sunday through Wednesday celebrating our 40th anniversary. It had snowed on Saturday and we decided we would delay our travels till Sunday. The roads were in great condition so we went on in, turned the heat on, unpacked, and went back to town to fool around. While there I asked a clerk what they were saying about the weather. She said it was suppose to start snowing that night and they could get several inches accumulation and then it would snow through Thursday.
Well we debated whether to go back, get our things and head back down the mountain but instead we stopped and bought candles, additional food items and a weather radio and felt adventurous. There is not radio or TV at the cabin. (Roughing it you know!) We didn't want to be snowed in without any communication. We prayed that if it did snow we would not lose power! That wouldn't have been fun.
It did snow the entire time we were there and it was just beautiful. Some moments it just gently fell and then you would look out and see it pouring down.
The cabin is on a brook so we heard the water flowing and were able to walk out by the water and down the property path to stretch our legs and get a better view of the brook.
I had hoped to see some wild life (outside:) but no, none. No doves either! We got a lot of rest and caught up on movies and reading too. I could have stayed longer but Jimmy was ready to pack up and come home on Wednesday morning. No TV or remote makes Jimmy bored and dull (you other gals know what I mean?)
It was a great trip. We dined at Roca in Blowing Rock on Valentines night and I had the most wonderful Grouper and JK got his steak. We had a wonderful waitress and they gave us our dessert. I chose Blood Orange Sorbet; over chocolate:-)! Awesome! If you have never tried it, you must.
The rest of the time I cooked but it was fun. Made chocolate chip cookies and snacked and got fatter and fatter. Now we are back and back to the daily grind. Just grateful we were able to get away so many aren't able.
We are grateful the Lord has given us 40 years together.

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