Friday, February 19, 2010

Support Group

Man did we have a great time tonight. We had a couple of new folks come. We had about 16. Ollie shared her struggle this week with the temptation to use and her concern for her brother who is definitely using drugs and alcohol. She has been free for 32 days. Praise the Lord. It is so cool to hear the others there who are at different stages in their walk out of addiction encouage and rebuke when needed. See they have been there and they know the struggle but they are further along in their walk with the Lord. It is such a good time together. I am getting to know them each one more and more and knowing how to pray for them to be strong in the Lord.

Today when I went for a walk the Lord had me focused on the song, I need Thee Every Hour. We closed with that song tonight and I asked if anyone wanted to lead us. Ollie said she would and WOW, it was awesome. It totally came from the heart. It made me cry. Isn't it so true we do need Him hour by hour. None of us would make it without His encouragement in the Word and through prayer.

I love Him so,

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