Saturday, February 6, 2010

Valentine Wedding

I was priveleged to attend a co-workers wedding today which I can tell you brought back lots of memories. Jimmy and I were married this valentine's day 40 years ago. I think back to that time of wedful bliss and know I didn't have a clue what I was saying at age 21 as I spoke the vows that day. Most young people don't, for better, for worse, in sickness and health, richer or poorer. We never dream there will be sickness, and we just know we will not struggle with finances, or the WORSE of life.

It is because of the vow of commitment and because of the love for each other that hopefully matures that we are able to hang in together when the worse's come, when we are down with sickness, or when the stuggles come financially. That's where the rubber meets the road and we chose to stay or hit the road. Most today don't seem to have the commitment to stay. They proclaim if my spouse does this or that I won't hang in there, but then comes the test.....What will they chose to do, the hard thing or the easy thing.

God says it is better not to vow than to break that vow. Yes, there will be WORSE days and yes, sometimes we might need to hit the road or ask them too but hopefully we are able to hold on together and allow the Lord to restore and heal us.

That is what I prayed today for this couple, that they will stay committed to their vows not only to each other but to the children involved to whom they vowed to be the best parent they can be. Innocent children. Multiplied reasons to keep the vows they made today. I pray that one day they can celebrate their 40th anniversary together.

I have learned so much in our relationship over the years. It hasn't always been easy but through it all we have hung together in the joyous times and the challenging times. I am sure there have been times we have wanted to give up (let's just be honest) but praise God we never did. He has been the tie that has bound us together and to His dear self. Commitment----that is the key.

Let's choose to keep our commitment to our Lord to remain pure, holy, and blameless in His sight. Let's never give up even when there are things He allows we don't understand in our lives. Even when we are poor, or in bad health, for better or worse. Lets learn contentment as Paul did. In whatever circumstances we are! He is the Bride-Groom Lover of our souls. He never means us harm, meaning ALL things to work together for our good and His glory.


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