Sunday, February 7, 2010

My struggles

We were able to go out to join with our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ today in worship after 2 weeks of snow and treacherous roads. After worship my grandaughter, Shelbi and I joined the first impressions luncheon at Calvary West. I have always considered myself to be outgoing and friendly but I can tell you I am struggling somewhat still in our new setting. After 20 some years we are worshipping at a new location and there are honestly some times I find that I feel like the outsider. Maybe this is because most of the congregation is younger, but I am just being honest here. I have connected with some of course but don't feel like I have a real connection here. Once again, I am just being honest.

So I say to myself, if I feel this way maybe others feel it too. Our daughter often had trouble making close friends in her school years, and I use to tell her you must be friendly to have friends. Maybe this is what the Lord is showing me. Would I be more comfortable back at the main campus with ole friends and familiar surroundings like so many my age are or does God still have me here in this place for His purposes. I must continue to follow His leading. Now mind you I am not saying folks aren't friendly, they are. I am just saying I don't seem to have made my connection with folks who might miss me if I wasn't there. Am I feeling insecure? Maybe I need to read Beth's new book!!!! Which by the way I am purchasing!

Anyway, I had a great time with 2 of my grandchildren and my daughter after church. We always laugh and pick and it encourages my soul. The grandchildren are growing up so quickly. I love making memories with them.

Please pray for Matt who is dabbling with alcohol and medicines. His grandmother has been raising him while his Dad is in prison and Mom on drugs. Pray for the generational curse to be broken.

Please pray for Austin who is in rebellion.

Please pray for the Prodigal Support Group on Friday nights at our office downtown.


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