Friday, February 5, 2010

I am a big cry baby!

I decided to tackle a chore today that I have been needing to do for a while. That is to organize my books. I try to display them by author so I can go right to the one I need but the shelves get filled up and I find myself sticking them any ole where. So today I pulled out some, dusted, and tried to once again get them in order. I decided to go to my bedside table and reshelf most of the 10 I had accumulated over time there. I tend to have several going at a time.

In the process I reminensced over some I hadn't picked up in a while. I picked up the books Dr. Corts had written. In the front of one he had written a note and autographed it to Jimmy. In the pages of another I found a note he had written me years ago assuring me of his prayers for our son and the response to a letter of concern I had. He took the time to write me a long letter and expressed his concerns over the same thing and asked me to pray for him as he led our church. I cried!

I picked up a book from my mother, Keepsakes of a Mother's Heart and skimmed it. I cried!

I found a card written by my dear friend Debbie at a time we were struggling with our son's rebellion. I was encouraged for the gift of friends. I cried!

I ran across a book, "Thank you to a very special Mother" from my daughter Melissa who had written and highlighted it throughout with words of endearment to me, this mother who failed so many times. I REALLY cried!!!!!

I ran across books I hadn't looked at in a while and wished I had more time to read through them all. I cherish the books I have and love them all. I try to share them with friends and therefore am missing some which I may neve get back. I won't cry over that.

I also got out my old water fountain, dusted it off and have it in operation. Forgot how soothing the sound of running water is. I sat down in my rocking chair by the window and got a booklet out written by Jack Hayford, "The Finger of God". Think I will take a time to read over it and enjoy the quiet and solitude. Maybe I won't cry over this one, but who knows. God may show me a truth or call to me from the pages-----I hope so. Speak Lord for I am listening.


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