Friday, May 8, 2015

Day 124

He Will Carry Your Load

“Pile your troubles on God's shoulders, He'll carry your load, He'll help you out” Psalm 55:22 Message.

Our office is a distance from the parking lot so each day I carry a load on my shoulders with my computer and books weighing me down. Some days the load is light but most days I find myself with such a heavy load that I can't wait to sit it down by the time I get to the office door. I have been looking for a rolling cart that would be both large enough for all the books and stuff, but small enough to fit in my trunk.

My friends were helping with my search because they were concerned about the load I was carrying each day. We have a fold up wagon at the office that is helpful when I need to go back for more items but it is not suitable to fold up in the car all the time. So today my friends surprised me with a rolling bag. It was so much easier as I made my way back to my car today.

We sometimes feel the heavey burdens we try to carry through life are either too small to worry God with or so large we somehow need to help Him out. Most often we just take the burden on our shoulders and forget that God is willing to help us carry our load.

He tells us in our passage to pile our troubles on His shoulders. Do you know what a relief it is when someone comes up and offers to help carry your load? It feels like a heavy weight has been lifted when we decide to lay our burden down. This is such a promise that God with uphold the believer in the struggles of life. Aren't we glad to call Him our burden bearer? But we tend to pick the load up again.

We can feel the relief in the physical realm when we lay down our load, but isn't it a relief to share your burden with someone else and have them help carry it in prayer or by walking beside you through it. We are also instructed to help carry the burdens of our brothers and sisters. Whose burden can you lift today just because you chose to listen or offered to pray? Give God your heavy load and watch to see how He will work it out for good.

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