Saturday, May 16, 2015

Day 127

Prayer Works

Let my prayer come before thee: incline thine ear unto my cry;” Psalm 88:2.
For seven years the Lord allowed me to facilitate a Bible Study for friends and co-workers. Back in the day, when it wasn't taboo, we met in the Board Room at the hospital after work to study God's Word together with a plethora of teachers. After seven years the Lord impressed on me to pull aside to begin ministry in a new direction.

Recently I was invited back to share at the end of this group's Experiencing God Study about the God encounters I have had along the way. It is always a blessing to be remembered by those with whom you spent so much time over the years. I thoroughly enjoyed sharing and getting to meet new people.

As our group was breaking up to go home a young lady came bounding in the room to greet me. As I realized who she was I was thrilled to see her. Three to Four years earlier I had come to that very church with she and her mother to check out the Celebrate Recovery Group that met there each week. At that time she had to be dragged there, but now she was coming on her own. God had arranged for us to meet that night as she heard my voice as she passed our room. No coincidence!

It was such a pleasure to see her in such a good frame of mind and so motivated to attend the sessions on her own. There was joy in her heart and a bounce in her step that so encouraged us all. Praise God she has found freedom from the chains of addiction that once had her bound. It was such a demonstration of transformation and answered prayers of so many people over the years.

She also shared that On Wings Like a Dove had ministered to a friend of her's who had been in prison and received our newsletters and corresponded with one of our pen-pal's. She shared how the correspondence had totally changed his life for good. What an encouragement God gave me that night both in seeing the young lady we had prayed so long for and in hearing the change in her friend because of the ministry God has called us to. God certainly gave evidence that night that He had inclined His ear to our cry for her deliverance. What a blessed night

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