Thursday, March 11, 2010

Diary of a mad black woman

Did you see the movie? Well yesterday I met her face to face. I walked into the room and I knew this woman was angry. Then I saw her pull out her new testament and her journal. A question I asked her brought tears to her eyes. At the point I knew it was okay to say, "I sense your spirit is troubled." At that point it all poured out....all that she was going through. She was angry and hurt and rejected and had been "stoned" by her church body. I let her share her anger and sorrow for a half hour.
It was much like the man I talked to several years ago who questioned each thing I had to do like weighing him, taking his BP "again" and asking questions about his health. I finally asked him, "why are you so angry". It was like watching a pressure cooker being released. He poured out his heart and his pain as his tears began to roll down his cheeks. He had found a listening ear. I was just glad he didn't punch me in the process!
There are some hurting folks out there who are just looking for someone to share with, to give them some encouragement and the will to keep going. This lady kept saying she had gotten her eyes off Jesus. It was clear that she was refocusing on Him and burying her nose in the pages of His Word. I had often found myself in that position so I recognized her plight.
As I left we hugged and I believe she felt finally as if someone cared about her. God gave us that time together. I praise Him for His love for her that He would place us in a room together to share once again. You see as I looked back on her old chart I had been the one to see her before. She remembered that. Was it a coincidence that this nurse 2 years later would be the one to interview her yesterday out of 50 patients that came in? I think not! He had a plan. I am just priveleged to be a small part of what He was doing in her life yesterday. Praise Him.
Today I got an email from a patient who shared with me last week. He was coming in to have a mass removed. It was thought to be a fatty tissue, no big deal. Tonight I recieved an email it was cancer. He will be back next week. His surgeon was his old high school buddy. I have been praying for that surgeon. Could it be he may have an impact on him as he walks through this journey of cancer? Do you think?????
Life is exciting my friends. Always wake up with expectation to watch what God is doing in lives and He just might let you be a part of it. What a privelege to serve Him. I am crazy about Him.


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