Monday, March 22, 2010

Fishers of Men

My orthodonists likes to tease me about my not being at church. He was the one not coming so much but he would get on me first because he knew I would ask him where he had been! That's been 12 years ago but he still harasses me about it. Now we go to different locations so we really can't keep tabs on each other.
Today while there he said why weren't you in church yesterday, were you fishing? My response was, "I fish everyday, for men." I thought about it afterwards and I pray that I am consistent with my fishing each day. My friend gave me the passage in Luke 5 recently about Jesus instructing Peter to take the boat out and lower down the nets again. Peter did but he told Jesus he had been fishing all day and caught nothing, but he obeyed Jesus as He told him to launch out into the deep. Are we willing to launch out at the call of Jesus?
Don't we often feel that our fishing produces no results? But Jesus said to lower the nets and he caught so many fish he had to call for help to pull them in.
That is what I want to see...many coming to Jesus as I share daily.
Often times we don't see the results we want to and we tend to get weary of putting out the net but if only one is brought in that is encouraging. Keep fishing my friend, and leave the results to Him. Choose obedience to Him and take your boat out deeper as He directs. He will tell you when, where and what to do as you fish.

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