Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My mother is 80 today

Where do the years go? I cannot believe that my mother is 80, nor that I am 60+! I use to think my parents were so ancient at 60. I don't feel ancient, old some days but not ancient. Most days I can usually go with the best of them, some days not.
Our family had a surprise birthday party for my mother Sunday, and we surprised her sucessfully. It was fun to see her enjoying her special day with family and friends who came by. Her cake was beautiful. No other cake will do for that special occasion except the ones they bake and decorate at Ketchie Creek Bakery. It had green and pink dots with a big green bow on the top. Beautiful and oh so good! She was blessed to have her four great grand-children running around and giving her hugs and kisses. Makes me wonder if I will have that privelege of seeing my grandchildrens children born. Now wouldn't that be cool!
The sad thing was that many of her family who are older than she, were not able to come due to physical limitations and issues like Alzheimers and memory loss. It is so hard to see my family members aging. As I wrote each name out for Melissa to send an invitation to I took a trip down memory lane as I remembered how each one of them had contributed to my life. I must remember to express my thanks and love to them because none of us knows the hour our Lord will call us home. It is a reminder to me how fast the time is flying.
I remember staying at my Aunt Bernices house for a short season and how much I loved my Uncle Junior who was her husband who passed away years ago with cancer.
I remembered the Christmas's at her house and my Aunt Jean's houses as we all gathered to eat and exchange gifts and be with our grandmother when I was a young girl. I remembered my cousins who I rarely got to see because we always lived far from them. That made the time together that much more precious. Since I didn't have brothers or sisters I pretended they were mine.
I appreciate the fact that my folks are still in good health and able to take care of each other at this point. I praise the Father for their good health and that they are near by. They were in other cities for the majority of my married life so it is nice to have them near by. We don't see each other every day or sometimes every week but we chat and visit as our schedules allow.
I thank the Father who gave me friends who are part of our little family and come to share in special occasions like Sunday. They made themselves at home and began to help clean up the dishes. I love having friends like that who are more like sisters.
I have so much to praise the Father for. He has taught me so much through all my friends and family. I love each and every one of them. Lord remind me to tell them often how much they mean to me and how their lives have blessed me.
Thank you for my parents long life and their influence in my life over the years. For their teaching, praying, encouragement and support over some very hard years. What would I have done without their support, advice, and listening ear. Thank You for allowing my mother 80 years of life!

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