Monday, March 22, 2010

Do as I say, not as I do!

I use to harp at my children to keep that retainer in because their teeth would move and they would be back at square one. Both of them experienced that my warning was right! Both of them had to get braces again in their adult life. You say aha, I told you so.
Well, guess who found themselves almost in the same boat. Yes, me! I didn't wear my retainer for a while and when my teeth began to shift and get out of order I tried to get the retainers in but.... no can do. I got the bottom one in but was unable to get the top one to work. So, off I went to the orthodonist to see what I needed to do before I too found myself with braces. Praise the Lord a new retainer could be made and I was able to prevent the same ordeal my children have. Goes to show, you need to practice what you preach, right?
I went today to receive the new retainer and as my friendly orthodonists attempted to adjust it, he broke the wire! Man, they just don't make things the way they use to do they. It couldn't have been his frustration with the subject matter we were discussing (healthcare) could it? Next time I go I think I will talk about something less controversial, like grandchildren or something.
Think I will learn a big lesson from this: WEAR THAT RETAINER! Do what you preach to others because believe me it is a costly mistake when you don't. When will I learn Lord. You try to teach me daily but I tend to procrastinate till it is painful and costly process to get back to do what I know You desire me to do spiritually speaking.
In order to look like You I must apply Your (retainer) principles daily. When I don't I pay the price and my life gets out of order and I am not pleased with what I see. Thank You for the reminders You give us to get our spiritual lives in order before You have to pull us in with stronger (brackets and wires) means. May I remember to apply the retainer of Your Word to my life daily.


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