Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What a Day

I got up early today and went to a community meeting. From there I went to the office, pulled up at the front door, unloaded the car and went to park. As I went up to the office there was my faithful helper, Barbara, regular as clock work. She is always eager for her assignment and today was full of projects and needs.
As I was making a promised phone call my 10:30 appointment arrived. I welcomed her and we sat down to share over a cup of coffee. Oh I believe God has some marvelous plans as this lady joins us in ministry! I am excited!
My 12 noon appointment (a hurting mother with two prodigals) arrived early so the first lady excused herself and agreed to stay and watch the office and sort some clothes for me in preparation for our Family Outreach to begin on Saturday. We are inviting families of inmates to stop by to visit our office and recieve any kind of support we can as the Lord leads us.
My passage the other day talked about lauching out into the deep. Well today I feel like the deep is overwhelming me, but my friend reminds me that Jesus is in the boat with me as I launch out. I am not alone.
It began snowing as I made my way home. I forgot about the errands I needed to do because the snow was really peppering down and seemed to be sticking. I came home, got a bite to eat and was headed to my next appointment of the day when I got a phone call from my dear friend to stay home. We spent 99 minutes on the phone in marvelous conversation over the passage in Luke 5:1-15. I hold on to each word of wisdom this "Spiritual Mother" shares with me.
Since that time I have prepared dinner, gotten my husband off to work, and sat down at the computer to answer emails, tend to projects awaiting me, and speak to you
So as my day comes to an end and I prepare for rest and work tomorrow, I will go and meditate on what we shared and ask the Father to educate me, revealing His direction to me for the coming days.
Isn't God good to allow us to be involved in small ways the way He is working in huge ways in the lives of those He brings our way. Glory to Him.
Lord help me to rest and be refreshed for the adventures you have for me tomorrow.

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