Thursday, March 18, 2010


I am absolutely pooped tonight. I had all intentions of coming home from work, cooking supper, and doing a little yard work! I couldn't get up from the chair. I just cleaned up our dishes and typed something for our inmate newsletter and think I will relax and get to bed early. I work tomorrow and will have grandkids for the weekend. Not sure when the yard will get presentable. My house needs some attention also. Too tired to think about it all tonight. Maybe I will have more energy tomorrow.
My thyroid is out of whack so I am blaming my tiredness on that. Couldn't be the age, right? I have patients who come in and were born the year I graduated from High School, now that slams it right in your face:). I am just grateful I have made it this far. God has been gracious to allow me good health to this point and I am reminded of that each day I take care of many with so many health problems.
Be thankful in all things, right?
I sent a verse to my friend Debbie today that God took me to this morning, "Beloved, do not be surprised at the ordeal that has come to test are sharing what Christ suffered; so rejoice in it"! My oh my, I know I will never suffer what my Lord did as He took my ugly sin upon Himself. He was beaten for my trangressions. That always brings tears to my eyes as I envision them beating Him beyond recognition. Nothing I ever go through or do could ever repay Him for His love and sacrifice for me. I am so in love with Him.

Night, night!


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