Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Day 104

The Dove's Eyes

"Behold you are fair, My love!  Behold you are fair!  You have dove's eyes" Song of Solomon 1:15.

Most everyone knows the way God has used the dove to speak to me over the years.  It has always been a sign of His presence in my life.
My email address use to be soundofthedove....I am always aware of their presence and listen for their very distinct sound.  It can come in a soft, drawn-out sound like laments or a sharp whistling or whinnying as they take flight.  There is no other sound like it. The male mostly coos to woo the female as an enticement to be his potential mate for life.  You can hear them beginning in March as they begin their coo.
They also have a binocular visual field and are only able to put their attention on one thing at a time.  They have beautiful eyes as spoken of in the Song of Solomon.  Dr. Kluane Spake, a theologian points out, "When a dove fixes its gaze upon it's mate, it is not distracted by any activities around it.  Therefore, it is referred to as being a 'Love bird'.
So it got me thinking about our relationship with the Lord.  Do you have dove's eyes,  totally focused on Him, not allowing any distractions?  Are you becoming more and more aware of His presence in your life?
Think about putting a pair of binocular's up to your eyes-----where is your focus?  On the object directly in front of you, right?  You have no peripheral vision.  That's how our relationship should be with Christ, totally focused on Him and committed to Him for life and eternity to come.  Put your binoculars on!

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