Monday, April 6, 2015

Day 94

God is Our Refuge and Strength

"God is our refuge and strength, a tested help in times of trouble. And so we need not fear even if the world blows up and the mountains crumble into the sea" Psalm 46: 1-2 (TLB).

While at work one day I received a call that my Dad had experienced a mild heart attack.  He had driven himself from the doctor's office to the emergency department ten miles away.  After sharing the information with my charge nurse, I made my way across the street to the hospital.  As the doors swung open I saw my Dad in the hall on a stretcher.  I began to pray that God would give me the strength I needed to minister to he and my mother during the crisis.
Trying to make light of the situation, he explained they were making arrangements to admit him to the Cardiac Unit for observation and that there were plans to perform a heart cath the following Monday to see the extent of the damage and look for any blockages.
What an example of steadfast faith my Dad has always been for so many.  The loss of such a godly man would be a devastating blow to our family and his friends.  He has always been a solid rock to us all so to lose him would be one of the saddest days of my life but God gave me such peace at the time and even with the news three years later that he had suffered a mild stroke.
My Dad longs for his heavenly home, but his family would love to hold on to him as long as God allows.  We can't imagine life without him and thankfully we did not have to, this time.  We keep hoping to go up together as Christ return for His Bride.
The Lord promises in the key verse to be with us; to be our refuge and strength in a time of trouble.  He also tells us not to fear even if the world blows up or the mountains crumble.  My test during these struggles was to trust God no matter the outcome.  In verse 10a of this same chapter it says, "Be still, and know that I am God;".  Be still means to relax, let go and allow to fall; take your hands off.  I must recognize that God is Sovereign over all my circumstances and trust him with the outcome even when it is hard.
During our days of uncertainty we drew upon His strength one day at a time, to see us through whatever the results would be.  We know He always has a purpose and plan and we trust Him in that.  God will not waste our sorrow.  Are you willing to take your hands off of your troubles and trust God to work it out for good?  

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