Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Day 115

Rest In Him

"Although God’s promise still stands—his promise that all may enter his place of rest—we ought to tremble with fear because some of you may be on the verge of failing to get there after all. For this wonderful news—the message that God wants to save us—has been given to us just as it was to those who lived in the time of Moses. But it didn't do them any good because they didn't believe it. They didn't mix it with faith. For only we who believe God can enter into his place of rest. He has said, “I have sworn in my anger that those who don’t believe me will never get in,” even though he has been ready and waiting for them since the world began” Hebrews 4:1-3 (TLB).

After a big event I have planned whether it is a family celebration or a ministry event I have put together I find myself exhausted the day after. It takes me a couple of days to get my strength back, especially as I get older. I tend to do a few chores, plop down, get up and do a few more and plop again.

My friend made me a bracelet a few years ago with a charm attached which says, “Rest in Him”. I wore it this past weekend at our retreat as a reminder that I could do just that. I was enjoying the event but looking forward to some time alone with my Father. I usually do a self examination asking Him about what went well and what didn't. I know either way He loves me but I want to believe that everything said and done was pleasing in His sight.

His rest is not necessarily a physical rest but a rest of confidence and peace in Him. It is rest based on a completed work. But I really felt such rest in Him during the work, so at peace to follow His lead and not be concerned if everything I had planned was accomplished. Trying to rest in the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

We can rest from the work of trying to earn our salvation, or the fear of not hearing Him say well done My good and faithful servant. We can rest in the fact that He is in heaven preparing us a place to spend eternity with Him. We can rest in the fact that no matter what we have done or not done He will love us unconditionally. We can rest in the promise that He will never leave us nor forsake us.

My prayer is that you have believed God and accepted Him into your heart so you too can be at perfect rest in Him. He says that those who don't believe Him will never be at rest, but in torment for eternity. He nor I want that for you so if you have not made that choice I urge you to do it right now because just like in the day of Noah when the door closed no one could get in and they perished.

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