Thursday, April 2, 2015

Day 92

Running On Empty

"And when thou sendest him out free from thee, thou shalt not let him go away empty" Deuteronomy 15:13.

One of my bad habits is pushing my car to the brink of empty.  Years ago our car actually spoke to us a warning when the gas tank was almost empty.  Now a little light comes on to give me warning but I must choose to stop and fill up in order not to find myself stranded on the side of the road!  My husband has warned me for years about the possibility of running out of gas when by myself but I often procrastinate and seem to always test the limits.
Running on empty is an interesting correlation in our spiritual journey as well.  How many times do you find yourself feeling like you are running on empty?  How many warnings does God give before you stop to fill up spiritually to avoid an inevitable crash.
So how do you keep your tank on full?  You keep a consistent time set aside to meet with the Lord.  Even one day without fellowship with Him can cause your tank to head towards empty.  You communicate with God in prayer and listen for His voice giving you guidance and direction.  You involve yourself in Bible Study or read materials that educate you on biblical truths.  
What are some warning signs that you might be near empty?  Could it be a sharp tongue, a sudden burst of anger, resentment, pride, self-centerness, gossip, jealousy, just to name a few.  
If you find yourself running on empty examine your source of supply.  Just like you wouldn't want to pump the wrong grade of gas into your car, you would not want to allow wrong teachings or trash to come into your mind or heart.  Confess any wrong attitude or actions immediately on conviction.  Vow to have a regular time to hear from God.  Don't allow yourself to get to the point of a warning; keep filled up on Gods Word.
My husband tries to make sure he is at least half full in his vehicle in case we traffic might come to a standstill and find us sitting there without an opportunity to get gas.  You never know what crisis may come and have you stuck in the traffic of life and find yourself depleted spiritually or run out completely.  Always be found full of God's Word to avoid running on empty spiritually.

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