Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Day 97

The Testing of Your Faith

"Consider it (all) pure joy....whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance" James 1:2.

My spiritual Mother has been giving me a verse on the day that my birthday falls, on the thirteenth of each month now for at least three years.  It is always special to know that she has prayed that the Lord would specifically give her a scripture for me.  Some verses are very encouraging and uplifting.  I am always excited to get them from her and just meditate on them and ask God to teach me what He is conveying or preparing me for.
This past month my scripture was our key verse for today.  Upon reading it I must say I was not real thrilled because I thought, Oh man what kind of issues must we go through now.  Over the years of testing and trials I was so grateful to have had a lady in one group I was part of describe me with one word as instructed by the leader; Perseverance.  Just like you I have endured many very hard and sometimes tragic events but I kept holding on to God's Word for hope and reassurance and God has always given me the strength to come through.
My mentor said that she was praying that through the bitterness of life's experiences God would show His lovely redemption to me.  She was praying that He would be in my testing in a very clear was.
I didn't have to wait long for the struggle to come and for the testing to begin.  I found I needed to step back and remind myself once again that I am not in charge.  God is.  Often times trials can produce bitterness in our heart.  When we begin to count it all joy the enemy is put at bay.  
Gratefully lessons have been learned along the journey of my life and even if my heart quickens at a call of emergency or bad tidings I can quickly remind myself of passages of encouragement and truths that will get me back on track when I begin to panic.  God knows what is needed in a situation to either do a work in us or a loved one.  He is always working it out for our good even when it does not look good.  
I try to recall passages that have been such a blessing and promise to me over the years and I draw on those.  If I really want to keep them close I will jot them down in my index card booklet and carry them with me.  That way when I need a promise or  instruction I will have it right before me to recite or bring to memory.
It is not if we face a time of trials and testing, but when!  Getting to the next level of spiritual maturity and growth is often hard to contemplate but it does produce perseverance.  Hopefully you can exclaim in the middle of the battle, "Lord, the Battle is Yours.  I am looking to You and You alone.  Remember when the news comes that you dread that you have some scriptures close by or memorized  to help you through your time of testing.  Would you like to escape loss or brokenness, since in them you are promised perseverance?

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