Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Day 47

After the Storm

“He hushes the storm to a calm and to a gentle whisper so that the waves of the sea are still”. Psalm 107:29
When planning a vacation we are often anticipating that the weather will be great each day so we can enjoy our planned activities. When waiting for a recent retreat to the beach we envisioned walks on the beach each day under brightly shining rays of the sun over the waters in the early hours of the day and in the beauty of the sunset.
Most of the days we had set aside to go on that perfect get away had rain and clouds in the forecast. In fact, one day was particularly stormy and we awoke to the sound of high waves crashing on shore.
As evening approached the worse of the storm seemed to be over so I decided to venture out for a walk on the beach. I love walking and gazing over the expanse of the ocean in amazement of God’s creation and the power He has over the boundaries of the ocean. With one word He can cause the waters to ripple as smooth as glass and the next moment He speaks and the waters begin to churn.
this particular day God drew my attention to the shore as I was walking because the waves had produced a lot of dirty foam as they crashed onto the sand. Foam was flying around everywhere as the high winds caught it taking it scurrying everywhere. My thought was how dirty it was but just then as that little ray of sun shone through the clouds, I saw beautifully colored bubbles caused by the crashing waves. There were blues, greens, purples and golden bubbles.
I thought about how the storms of life come crashing in upon us and how we have the choice of allowing them to leave us like the dirty foam, ugly, bitter, unattractive,blown around by the wind. Or, we can allow God to produce beauty in us like the beautifully colored bubbles so that we reflect the rays of the “Son” as we allow His work to be done in us for His kingdom purposes?
Lets chose to praise God for the storms that He has either brought or allowed in our life to grow us, purify us, test us therefore allowing us to walk a closer with Him.
What a difference a day can make in nature and in our lives. One day the waters are calm but many of us know the next can be raging like the crashing of the high waves. How will you respond when the storms come in your life? Will you allow God to do the work in you He wants to and come out of the storm more beautiful? Or will you be found dirty as the foam being blown here and there caught up in the enemies agenda?
Ponder these things and agree with God that no matter what storm comes you will allow Him to do the work in you He desires so that you, as His light shines on you, will reflect His glory where He places you.


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