Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Day 55

 A Spiders Web
“They weave the spiders’ web.” Isaiah 59:5
Don’t you just hate to run into a spider’s web? As I took my little dog outside before bedtime the other night, that’s exactly what I did. Right there on my front porch a big spider was busy weaving his web. When I ran into it the spider came running down to see what big prey he had entangled. Thankfully, the spider’s web can not hold a human but it made me think how much Satan just waits to trap us into his web of sin.
As we are first tempted we can pretty much get out of Satan’s grip but the more we yield to the sin the more entangled we are and it appears there is no escape. For the fly, moth or other insect it is virtually over because you can watch as the more they fight the more the web entraps them and immediately the spider comes down, injects them with his venom and moves in for the kill.
I kept forgetting to go back out on the porch to sweep away the web. We know the web is so fragile it can be swept away with a broom but because of my neglect I continued to run into it each time I went out the front door. All I needed to do was sweep it away but I didn't
While talking with a Mother one night we talked about how we could see our prodigals entangled in Satan’s web, but I wondered later if we could see ourselves in the same type of entrapment? We think, “Oh, I’m, not indulging in any major sin” but if we don't tear it down we keep running into it time and again.
As you examine yourself remember God has made a way of escape from any temptation. We are not as helpless or hopeless as the fly or moth is but we must tear down the strongholds that so easily beset us. Jesus has died to set us free and in Him we can be free indeed.
Take some time now to pray for your prodigal who may caught in their own web of sin. Your prayers can hopefully help them to see the trap Satan has set for them. and avoid getting themselves entangled in the web he spins. Pray that the Holy Spirit will draw them to Himself and reveal the Truth. Sweep away the web through intercession for them.

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