Sunday, February 22, 2015

Day 53

Are You Stuck in the Mud?

My husband and I live across the street from a pond. The geese come over all the time, but on this particular day we also had a turtle visit. As I drove out of the driveway I noticed him attempting to get up on solid ground but it seemed the more he tried the more his back legs produced a mud puddle. He just could not get enough traction to get himself up out of that hole. He needed help. So I got out and used a stick to help lift him up.

Deciding to observe his progress, I sat there watching. Low and behold he worked himself right back down in to the mud. I thought okay I will get out and give him another opportunity to get going. This time his back feet found the solid ground and he starting moving very quickly away from the trap that had had him stuck.

I usually ask God what He would have me learn spiritually from such a lesson. I began to think of all the times I have been stuck in the same sin, the same rut, the same bad habit or wrong attitude. I, like the turtle, have often slipped right back down, unable to get a foothold to get out and move toward the goal and purpose for my life.

God comes along and say’s, “Oh, Sandra, here you are again in the same rut, let me help you”. Praise Him He does not use a stick to brow beat me or punish me for my failure. He gently uses what it takes to move me out of my rut and help me progress to my destination. Sometimes He has to use the refining fire. It may not feel good but He knows just what I need.

Hopefully, I have learned to head straight to God’s designed calling in my desire to make it home to my finished line. The turtle knew where he wanted to go as he walked lickety split across the road and up the hill to the pond where he would receive the water and nourishment he needed, but without a little assistance I don’t know if He would have made it out of the rut.

I have found that it is a whole lot easier to allow God to use the method He needs to help me progress toward the goal of the His high calling for me. You might find yourself in a hard place, feeling as if you are stuck in the mud, not going anywhere. I urge you to remember that God is watching and knows when to arise and push you onto solid ground. Cry out for His help. The more you fight the more mud you make creating no way out. If you wait on Him, maybe the mud would dry up and then you could have that foothold. Let’s be smarter than the turtle and learn to wait on Him.

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