Friday, February 20, 2015

Day 52

Are you praying for Divine appointments each day?

“2 Chronicles 16:9, “For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show Himself strong on behalf of those whose heart is loyal to Him.”

As a nurse I came in contact with many people during the course of a workday. I approached each day with anticipation of who the Lord will bring my way. I prayed on the way to work that He would use me in any way He would see fit and that I would be attune to His leading. I have been amazed at the times I knew in my heart that the patient I spoke to that day was my divine appointment.
One day I knew as I looked into the eyes of my patient that she was filled with pain and sorrow. As we talked and I got her health history the subject came up that she had lost her son in an awful automobile accident years ago and several years later she also lost her husband to cancer.
As she shared tears began to well up in her eyes and it seemed that she was talking about a recent loss but the more we talked I realized that both losses had been years ago. My job was to listen but I found there was another voice speaking. I knew the Holy Spirit was telling me to pray with her before I left the room. There have been some times that the Lord instructed me to speak with folks when I did not want to but my desire is to always be obedient, even when it doesn't feel comfortable.
Gratefully, the lady accepted my offer to pray as giant tears rolled down her cheeks. It was the most precious moment as we bowed to pray together.
I urge you each morning, before your daily activities, to meet with the Lord in prayer and Bible reading, asking Him to show you your divine appointment for the day. You will sense the Holy Spirit quickening your heart to reach out to the people He brings, whether it's to pray with them or to speak just the right word they need for that day.
As you pray for your divine appointment they will come but the test will be your response? Will you be too afraid to speak out and miss that opportunity to share the Lord with them or will you choose to be obedient to His leading? We are often quick to be critical of Jonah who didn’t want to witness to the people of Ninevah but then we do the same thing when we refuse to be a witness to those He brings across our paths on a daily basis.

In “A passion for God” by Greg Laurie he writes: “Nothing is more exciting than knowing you’re in the midst of a divine appointment and that God is using you at that moment for His purposes.”

Will you begin, if you haven’t already, looking for His divine assignments? Remember He brings us through things in our lives so that we can bring comfort to others because of the comfort He has comforted us with. He knows your heart and I pray it is loyal to Him and that His eye will find you strong on His behalf.

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