Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Day 48

                             Get Some Rest

"Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest" Mark 6:31.

You know how you long for a time you can get away from the everyday grind and just relax? It seemed our upcoming beach trip was coming at the perfect time to do just that. My body, my mind, my emotions were at an all time point of weariness. Minstry needs and demands were seemingly overwhelming so an out of town get away was more than a longing, it had become a necessity.

As my husband and I drove away from our home, I remember the process of unwinding along the way. I say process because it seems to take me a while to let the responsibilities at home go. I knew God was calling us to come away to a quiet place and to get some much needed rest .

Walking aimlessly on the beach together with my husband or on my own has had some marvelous results. The sight and sounds of the ocean have been renewing in mind and body. The ocean seems to accomplish that for me as I look out over the expanse of the water and marvel.

Even the animals walking and running on the beach seemed to sense it. There is a sense of freedom, of letting go of the cares of the world. There's the opportunity to sing along with the music playing in my ears in a space wide open to God's ears only. Then there's the view and the sounds of His great creation which causes me to praise His goodness. the treasures of special shells lying on the beach just for me, the sense of peace, the knowledge of His love for me in light of my sense of smallness.

Maybe you find you are in a place that you hear Him calling to come aside and rest from your busy schedule. Be obedient to His call, you might find it will be worth it. Make plans to get away and be alone with Him. Sometimes it's the only way you can refocus and hear Him. Then you can return home with a new vision of His plan for the future and renewed energy to carry it out.

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