Thursday, March 12, 2015

Day 67

Lord, Hear My Prayer
"Lord hear my prayer. Listen to my plea. Don't turn away from me in this time....Bend your ear and give me speedy answers" Psalm 102:1-2.
Recently my husband and I saw a rerun of a movie where the main character played the part of being God for a season in his life. He thought it was great to have the power to change circumstances for himself and others.
One day while sitting at his computer all these emails started coming in....thousands of prayer requests. He found it was impossible to answer them all and he quickly became very frustrated and threw up his hands in defeat.
Aren't you thankful that's not the way it is with our God? He hears every prayer we plead. Can't you just envision Him bending His ear down to hear your prayer today? Isn't that an awesome picture to visualize. Our passage says He bends down and answers quickly.
We can't even imagine how God can possibly hear every prayer much less attend to each one but that's His promise....therefore we believe. He is omnipresent and omniscient.
It is not always prudent to ask for speedy answers but at very difficult times it is often our heart's desire. We want answers quickly, we want the difficulty to stop, we want to know He is listening.
Take comfort from this passage today. Even if you don't see speedy answers believe that He heard and will answer in His time. Remember His ways, His times are not ours. Maybe He needs to do a work in you or in the person you are praying for while you are in the waiting period. Trust Him to answer your prayer right on time, every time.

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