Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Day 73

Deliver The Prodigals Lord
“O Lord my God, I put my trust in You. Save me from all who pursue me and deliver me that he not tear my soul like a lion ripping it to pieces when there is no one to deliver.” Psalm 7:1-2.
Last week someone told me that their friend had let her Yorkshire terrier outside and a Rottweiler had torn it to pieces before she could go back out to bring him in. Being such an animal lover, the story made my insides queasy and I grieved over the plight of that little dog who didn’t stand a chance.
The next day I turned to a devotional by Charles Spurgeon which read as follows: “When the fierce lion had pounced on the defenseless lamb and had made it his prey, he would tear the victim in pieces, break all the bones, and devour all, because no shepherd was near to protect the lamb or rescue it. This is the soul-moving portrait of a saint delivered over to the will of Satan. This will make the bowels of Jehovah yearn. A father cannot be silent when a child is in peril. No, he will not endure the thought of his darling in the jaws of a lion. He will rise up and deliver His persecuted one.”
This reminded me of the prodigals we so desperately cry out to the Father to deliver from the jaws of the roaring lion who goes about on this earth seeking whom he may devour. Sometimes he does seem to be the Rottweiler and we the Yorkshire Terrier. Satan seems stronger but we know our Father is the Victor and will fight for us as His children and we must fight for our children in prayer.
We are the shepherds who stand watch all day and all night on behalf of our lambs who have gone astray. The shepherds would watch over their sheep protecting them from the wolves and lions if it literally meant giving of their own lives.
We as Mothers, Dads, siblings, grandparents fight in prayer as we intercede in the night watches. God has awakened me many a night to pray even though I knew not the reason at the time. I found I could not return to sleep until God’s peace would release me from my duty. Who knows the times our son was pulled from the lion’s jaws in prayer.

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