Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Day 78

New Office Space
"Sanctify yourselves for tomorrow the LORD will do wonders among you" Joshua 3:5.
Two years ago when we found out that we would have to move from our office space of seven years, I had an overwhelming uncertainty come over me. We were already needing more space but how would we be able to find more space at no more than what we had budgeted at this space. We began to pray for direction and guidance.
One day I talked to another tenant in the building and he shared the name of the Realtor they had worked with to find them a space. The next day my friend and I decided to walk down to the building and get his contact information. The guard at the door was kind enough to take us right up to the office where the Realtor was and introduced us. He immediately showed us an available space in the building.
He showed us several office spaces in other locations which all seemed to neither fit our needs or our budget. One evening before retiring I was reading the scripture and praying. I came across the key passage from Joshua so I meditated on it and went to bed.
The next morning I said, "Okay Lord, I am ready to see wonders today". I hadn't been at the office very long when I got an email that the realtor wanted us to see an office he had listed in Old Salem. He said it was above our budget but the owners might be willing to work with us. I was amazed as we walked in and immediately knew in my spirit that this was the place for us.
I had asked the Lord in the beginning to show us something so we would know it could have only been Him; boy did He. In a little over two months we were settled in our new home with over twice the size for about the same price we had paid previously. Each time I am amazed at His provision as my key turns in the door. Each day He continues to amaze me as I follow Him.
What a faith builder this experience was to our whole team at On Wings. Why did I doubt that God had a better plan in mind for us as a ministry and had prepared much better accommodations from which to minister to our families. Hopefully the next time He closes one door I will be much more open to trust His provision of something better. How about you, how has your faith been tested recently?

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