Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Day 80

A Walk In The Park
"And they heard the voice of the Lord God walking in the garden in the cool of the day:" Genesis 3:8a.
The weather is so beautiful this time of year and is a good time to take advantage of the season and go for a walk. We are blessed to have a nearby park that has a great two mile walking trail. People bring their children and their dogs. It's so much fun to chat a bit with the walkers and pet their dogs. Some folks walk, some run, some jog, and some ride their bike on the trail.
Each person can go at their own pace and there are benches along the way so you can stop and rest. By the time I made it around one and a half laps I needed to sit and rest. It is going to take me a while to build up my stamina. The hills are a little easier today than yesterday---it just takes determination and perseverance to keep going.
The park is back in the woods so we often see critters of all kinds. Lots of deer, horses in the pasture, birds singing, squirrels running and barking, but today there happened to be a snake right on the walking path. Now that's a critter I can do without but it's a reminder to always watch for the enemy even in the best of surroundings.
As hard as it is to maintain a physical routine to stay in shape it can also be difficult to stay spiritually fit. Each of us is at a different level in our walk. We learn and grow at our own pace. We all need rest periods where we come aside in a personal retreat with God.
My alone time with the Father was a short one today, but refreshing. It was a great time of listening for His voice as I enjoyed His creation. The Spring makes everyone come alive after a long dark, cold winter.
Why not take the time to go for a walk outside today with just you and God. Ask him to speak to you, then be quick to obey His instruction to you. Write down any special moments in your journal later for future reference. Don't you want to hear the voice of the Lord while walking in the cool of your garden or park? God still speaks today just as He did in the beginning of time but you must be listening. Sometimes that requires a deliberate walk alone with Him.

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