Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Day 75

Overwhelmed By God's Compassion
"I remembered God, and was troubled: I complained, and my spirit was overwhelmed. Selah" Psalm 77:3.
When we first meet someone we may not realize the purpose God has in mind for bringing us together. It may be hours, days, or years before He reveals the purpose of the connection.
One night recently my friends and I sat at the dinner table with other attendees at the conference we were attending. After we started to eat two ladies came and sat down right beside me . As we engaged in conversation we were immediately drawn to each other. One of the ladies in particular was witty, full of life, and eager to share.
The next evening in the conference room the same ladies sat right in front of us. This time one of them came to us with tears in her eyes asking for prayers for her son. I immediately knew why God had connected us the night before.
After the meeting we shared and I tried to encourage her. Later the tears ran down my face as my spirit was overwhelmed with God's compassion and love for this mother who was hurting. What are the odds that with the six hundred people in attendance this grieving mother would sit down right beside me, have the burden to share her prayer request with us, and briefly share her story that matched mine so closely.
The grief she demonstrated was one I had experienced time and again on my own journey with a prodigal. With God's help I was able to share a message of hope and a word of encouragement with her.
The interesting thing was that we stood in almost the very spot where Henry Blackaby and I had stood years before as he prayed with me as I wept with these words, "Lord, help this mother to never give up". Now we had come full circle and I was the one giving encouragement to her to never give up.
With conviction I was able to express my belief that absolutely nothing is impossible with God. Having lived to see our son return to God I was confident that it is possible. It might take lots of pain and tears but it is possible to see light when there seems to be none. If you find yourself doubting God can work in your situation confess it and believe that nothing is impossible with Him.

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