Monday, March 30, 2015

Day 88

Day 88
When I Am Old and Gray-headed
"Yes, even when I am old and gray-headed O God, forsake me not, but keep me alive until I have declared Your mighty strength to this generation, and Your might and power to all that are to come" Psalm 71:18.
We often talk about the quickness of our passing days, about how fast time flies. When we are young we don't think we will ever be as old as our parents and certainly not as old as our grandparents, but before we can turn around there we are.
Then one day, way too soon, comes the first gray hair and we are shocked. We might even pull it out, but soon there are many more and it is impossible to remove them all. We may try to cover them up but it's an seemingly endless task. The truth is we will become gray headed whether we like it or not.
The thing is----will we be found declaring God's Word, His Truths, to the next generation in our more 'mature' years or will we teach them tolerance for the worldview on life both by the way we speak, or live before them? What makes us different from the world?
David cried out in our key passage for God to keep him alive to declare God's strength and power to the generations to come. What an example he was as he left us with his writings in God's Word. His prayer was answered as his words still impact us today.
What is your goal as you prepare for retirement----to store up wealth for a soft, vacation filled life---because after all you are entitled to it, or deserving of it, right? Or will you choose to further the gospel with your life, vowing never to retire from that. What legacy will you leave for your family and the generations to come? We meticulously prepare for our retirement but it sadly does not often include God's plan and purpose for our latter years. Most often it focuses on our comfort and ease while the world is dying without Christ.
What are your goals for your golden years? Consider offering yourself as a living sacrifice unto God. Allow Him to direct your path and be on mission with Him. Follow His calling, not your own. Continue to be productive in all your ways by declaring His might to the next generation. Take inventory and be intentional as you tell the world of God's might and power in the days He so graciously gives to you on earth.

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