Saturday, January 17, 2015

Day 18

Who is in control?

“Let us break their bands (of restraint) surrender and cast their cords [of control] from us. Psalm 2:3 Amp.

The first time I went to the jail to visit our son is still etched in my memory. After work that day I drove to see him as he stood behind a very little window, me in my nursing uniform, he in his orange jumpsuit. As we stood on our respective side of the door all we could do was cry. I had fought so hard to keep them from happening! How could our own son be behind bars?! This could not be happening! Surely this would get his attention and we would not be here again.

This was the beginning of a very important life lesson for me . I am not in control. Not now- not ever. Over the years I have come to know who is in control, GOD ALONE!

 Maybe you are beginning to realize you efforts to control situations, people, even God is not working. Even Jesus was full of and controlled by the Holy Spirit as you can see in Luke 4:! You might need to relinquish you attempts to control today. Cast your cords of control from you and accept His plan for yourself and your prodigal.

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