Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Day 28

Hope on the Inside

“Wait, Israel, for God.  Wait with hope, Hope now; hope always.”  Psalm 131.3  The Message

Is there hope on the inside – the inside of a prison?  For years I prayed that God would send a guard, another inmate or a Bible Study teacher to minister to our son while he was on the inside.  A few years ago, we were privileged to be the answer to a mother’s prayer as we went into the area jail to give our testimonies and to share God’s Word with a group of inmates.  As I looked over at the sixty men in this block, I saw your son, your daughter, your husband.  I shared with them from a mother’s heart.  A heart that had been changed because God had replaced my condemnation for His heart of love for each one there.  God broke through and brought forgiveness in several hearts.  The inmates wrote down the names of fathers, mothers, and wives, ones they chose to forgive as they watched the special paper they wrote on disintegrate in the cleansing blood of the Lamb.

So the answer to the question is:  YES, there is always hope.  Continue to pray God will send someone to share His love with your prodigal.

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